Discovering Vienna by bicycle

Besides those who take the bike for everyday use, a great many also use it for travelling. For our guests arriving by bicycle we have a lock-up to store their bikes in. Here, as well as in the partly-roofed courtyard, there is space for carrying out minor repairs.

Vienna is also worth visiting by bicycle. It is possible to reach not only the Wachau Valley but also Bratislava through beautiful countryside along the Danube cycle path. This way you can combine sport and sightseeing in the Austrian capital of Vienna with an extended bike trip along the Danube. Above all, when the Wachauer vines come into leaf in spring, at the “Alles Marille” Festival or during the grape harvest in the autumn, a trip by bicycle through Lower Austria has its own particular magic. This trip can be combined with the enjoyment of the culinary delights in the Wachau area in wine taverns and at local events. Vienna’s ample cultural programme rounds off your stay in high  fashion.

Using the Hotel-Pension Bleckmann as your starting point allows you to discover the city of Vienna’s incomparable local recreation area: Vienna Woods. Right in the vicinity of such a large city exists an extensive area of Nature, practically untouched. As a guest at the Hotel-Pension Bleckmann, it only takes a short time to escape the city and discover Nature by bicycle. Another well-known local recreation area in Vienna is the Donauinsel [Danube Island]. A small part of this natural idyll in the big city has become well-known as a result of the annual  Donauinsel Festival. The largest area consists of quiet and practically untouched river meadows.

For all those guests who like to do their riding away from roads and paths, the city of Vienna has laid out a total of seven mountain-bike routes. The routes are of different lengths and depending on their degree of difficulty are aimed at different target groups.

And by the way: the city of Vienna has available a dense network of cycle paths, some of which are physically separated from vehicular traffic.

If you would like to experience Vienna by bike but don’t have your own bicycle in Vienna, the Vienna company Pedal Power rents out modern bicycles at affordable prices. In the maps included, you will find a series of cycle tours so that you can experience Vienna at its most impressive.